Modeling (registration and training in Turkey)

ANGEL SAYAN Studio with over 30 years of experience and over 10,000 clients of ladies and gentlemen and children interested in modeling professionally and in person and friends in Turkey for projects (exhibition, fashion, video clip, Cataloging, Advertising, Ceremonial and Fashion) invites to collaborate

The ANGEL SAYAN team will help you gain jobs and skills with job security, and gain a reputation in your own interests and efforts in a short space of time, and be trained and engaged in a great project.

Modeling Training, Gesture, Photographer Connection, Body and Facial Anatomy, Stage, cat Walk

Our team can also coordinate your accommodation and accommodation

If you have the standards of a model, with our team you can easily reach the big stages in Turkey and Europe

The ANGEL SAYAN team has been working hard to obtain a quota to participate in the World Competition for Competent Girls in Turkey, with further information and registration and training coming soon.


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